About Us

Wajd may be defined as the state of ecstasy or a state of statelessness, an experience which unites the seeker, the wajid in his quest for higher love or the love for the Beloved. In such state the seeker becomes oblivious of the self or wujood, and gets engulfed in the quest.

Wajd in essence may thus be envisioned as the crux of all Sufi or mystical state, which is a ceaseless search for higher meaning, an even higher state of surrender, in the higher self of the supreme beloved.

WAJD the magazine seeks to replicate and perpetuate this ceaseless search for higher meaning and higher beloved. We aim to bring together scholars, researchers, Sufi practitioners, writers, journalists, artistes and whosoever intends to get immersed in the quest for higher meaning. The objective is essentialising the modern individual’s experience of Sufi spirituality or Tasawwuf, and the world around him.

The magazine is an attempt in creating synergies where creativity, intellect, love, beauty and true passion are linked to the greater cause of alleviating hatred, misconceptions and negativity plaguing the contemporary and global interpretations of religious faiths and cultures.


The magazine will be published bi-annually. In addition to a print copy, the magazine will also be available online.

Originating from Jammu and Kashmir, the magazine is an attempt in bridging gaps on an aesthetic front between a world at unrest, and the chaos that surrounds it.